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Eat and Learn, LLC was created to help make snack and mealtime fun, interactive, and educational with the convenience of disposable plates. As parents, grandparents and educators, our lives are very busy so we have created plates that are easy with the added bonus of a teaching tool. Our plates are great for home, birthday parties, school parties, homeschooling, classroom teaching, school meals, school wide events, food trucks, gifts, and much more.

Eat and Learn, LLC is based in Florida and proud to say our plates are MADE IN AMERICA. I am grateful for my family, friends, and for all the children that inspired this journey.

Our team is excited to help Educate Our Youth One Plate at a Time.


Amscan Inc. is the manufacturer for Eat and Learn, LLC.  It was founded in 1947 and today is the largest designer, manufacturer, and distributor of decorated party goods/accessories in the world.  Amscan Inc. is known to offer superior quality products.  Eat and Learn, LLC paper plates are Made in America!


Looking for a

grandparent gift?

Check out this link:


You might notice the awesome colorful stripe: The author of Granny Camp! How to Bond With Your Grandchildren is my Mom!! She created this stripe for her book so we wanted to share it with you. Thanks, Mom and Dad for being the best parents and grandparents ever!

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